Embrace your age

A passing thought:

Do you find the older you get the worse you feel about ageing? It doesn’t matter what age you are. Try not to hone in on the negativity around your age. Let yourself feel that the time you have now is your best time yet.

Look for and embrace every moment of your life; of your age. Go for those opportunities. Don’t let your age stand in your way.

1 Aug, 2011

10 thoughts on “Embrace your age

    1. Theoretically speaking you’re completely right; age is just a number, but for some I think it will bring about other connotations, like growing older.

      Something they’re less likely to be able to deal with.

  1. I’m in total agreement with everyone’s comments. Age is just a number.

    It’s not my age, it’s how old I feel mentally and I’m definitely far from my age mentally.

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