6 thoughts on “Emotional wealth

  1. I totally agree with this quote. If you’re not well mentally and emotionally what good is wealth.

    Wealth will not heal us and it won’t make us happy.

    1. I agree and love this quote too. So simple yet so powerful. It certainly makes us sit up and think; it’s done its job.

  2. Without emotional and mental well being, money doesn’t matter. You can have all the money in the world but if you are not happy internally, you’ll still be miserable even if it’s not financially.

    I learned that from a friend who was wealthy but did not have the love and support from her family. She would have given up all the money she had just to feel love, which would have made her emotionally rich.

    I guess in my life I have been rich as far as the love and support of my family, which to me means everything.

  3. I think we would all agree with that saying (nice work Claudia!)

    We do need money to provide a satisfactory standard of living of course, but above that I think the ‘rewards’ from more money tail off, whereas emotional wealth is what makes you really rich as Maria said.

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