Geopathic Stress

When you care about your health, you should know about Geopathic stress. Knowing about it will help you make an informed choice about what it is, or whether you need to act on it.

It’s the name given to natural and man-made energies coming from the earth, which can be bad for our health. Water pipes, sewage pipes and underground water, cell phone transmitter masts are all examples that create Geopathic stress.

Some people may be more susceptible to Geopathic Stress than others. Symptoms may include feeling run-down, nervousness, exhaustion, depression; loss of appetite, insomnia and cramps.

In the UK it has become known as ‘sick building syndrome.’ Known methods used to take away Geopathic stress are dowsing and muscle testing.

14 May, 2011

4 thoughts on “Geopathic Stress

  1. I’ve heard about this, but not much. This is very interesting though. I think all the technology today does affect us in some way. The weather affects me noticeably. The seasons changing are the worse times. If it rains or is cold, I’m no good at all.The heat of summer is when I feel my best.

    But I believe the energies from the earth affect us all in some way. And definitely the energies from all the electronic devices. I tried energy healing once and I felt a little something but it really didn’t do anything for me. Here Sick Building Syndrome is where a building has mold or some other toxic substance in it, that affects people in negative ways.

    I’ve seen these diodes that are supposed to get rid of the negative energies that affect us, but would it really work? Is it worth the large amounts of money to get one?

    1. Thanks for your post Lisa. I totally agree with you that technology can affect our health. I have always had this inner belief that Geopathic stress exists, but of course there are other reasons why we have ill health. That is just one part of the jigsaw.

      I think we have to have an inner belief about these things and it’s not to say that if we don’t have that belief we won’t ever have it. I believe all these things work and wouldn’t hesitate if it meant I would find comfort in using them.

      I know the expense would put people off trying, but there are other ways to work on our health, diet and exercise and using crystals are other contributing factors which are less expensive.

  2. Here in Canada there is a lot of talk about big windmill-like structures to produce power. Some people living nearby these are having unexplained health problems.

    No one so far can explain why some people have problems and others don’t. These wind structures are very new. I do not think a lot is known about the long term effects of living near them.

    1. Any unexplained illness should always be looked into, but living near wind turbines could be very much a problem for them.

      The introduction of new technologies to solve one problem such as generating energy, may very well lead to long term health problems which we are all unaware of.

      I hope they find answers soon.

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