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  1. When we give, (especially of ourselves) we receive blessings. I think it makes us feel good when we give, not just to receive, but to feel good.

    Some people give to receive ‘fame’ and I think that type of giving is wrong. We should give out of our hearts. My mother was a giver. She would give what ever she could whether it was her time or something tangible.

    It made her happy when she could give to others and she knew it made others happy too. She was all about being happy.

    She was always trying to make us happy and she did. She would say, ‘I just want us all to be happy.’
    Isn’t that what giving is all about?

    1. Thanks Lisa! I agree. When we give it makes us feel good about ourselves and I’m sure makes others feel good too and that’s what life is about.

      You’re right, we feel happy when we give. It’s lovely when someone cares enough to give.

  2. Only recently have I realized that giving has been one of the hardest things to do. It seems like everyone I trusted and gave everything to, would screw me over in the end.

    My parents were the first ones, so it makes sense that I would continue picking the same type of people even though I knew better. It does get so very tiring when you give and give and never get anything in return other than heartache and grief.

    I’m hoping that I can learn how to give in a proper way without feeling like I’m going to get used and abused!

    1. Thanks Randy. I understand your frustrations. It seems like everyone will take advantage, but that not everyone will.

      We really have to make sure we have the right people in our lives. When we let the right people in our lives, we will learn to give and will get something back.

  3. This quote is just spot on. I get so much satisfaction from giving, although I have to admit I’m not so good at receiving.

    I believe that I have been very fortunate in life and like to give back. I am considering a charity bike ride from London to Paris this summer, which will give me a tremendous sense of achievement, some amazing memories while hopefully raising lots of money for a cancer charity.

    1. Just being there for someone and giving to those who are less fortunate than ourselves is wonderful. More of us should try to do that.

      Whether it’s our time we give, or whether it’s a donation we’re making, it speaks volumes about the person behind those thoughts and those acts.

      As we go about our daily routines, it’s easy to forget that there are people less fortunate than ourselves. It’s quotes like these that remind us and reinforce what we already know.

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