Happy Valentine’s

Something inspirational:

Dear guys: we really love it when you share your feelings. It doesn’t make you any less of a man, in fact, it makes you even more attractive.

Sincerely, girls everywhere.

14 Feb, 2016

10 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s

  1. Oh I love this quote!! Don’t we all wish men were more vocal about how they feel and show us off to the world??!

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes I also love this quote. Expression isn’t always easy and understand why men find it difficult.

      I always think life always feel easier when we can express ourselves, get our issues out into the open, but can understand how difficult it is too.

      It does make it easier for others though when we can talk about how we feel, whether we’re a man or woman. Expression also brings us together.

  2. I think men and women complement each other by their emotional and physical differences. While we respond to stimuli differently, we see ourselves equally part of a whole.

    We need to mutually respect and celebrate our differences, instead of trying to make men women and women men.

    1. Thanks Tim. I agree and would also add that whoever wrote this Valentine quote was aware of the difficulties most men face when it comes to communication and expression.

      Expression should form part of all relationships and whilst women find it easier, it needs to happen from both parties for all relationships to run smoothly.

      Even though men and women are wired differently, relationships shouldn’t interfere with us wanting and working towards the same goals and it seems to.

      Perhaps in the 21st century, perhaps we should be lifting the stigma that is associated with gender roles and that needs to happen before we’re considered equal.

  3. Okay so we’re not the best at sharing our feelings, which is no surprise when we’ve been designed that way. We couldn’t really stop for an emotional natter while hunting and gathering!

    I do agree expressing ones feelings and sharing them with a loved one is special, be that person male or female and it is something that we should try and embrace.

    1. Thanks, yes I agree. I hope this Valentine quote will give food for thought for many of us on how we can do things better.

      Individually, we know how good or bad we are with expression and communication. For those of us who can do better, we must learn to acknowledge our shortcomings.

      It’s important we change. Our loved ones will thank us for it.

  4. I know I find it more difficult to tell my husband how I feel, especially when I’m upset over something he did or said or didn’t do or didn’t say.

    I’m not a confrontational person so it’s easy for me to keep my mouth shut. But I have to remind myself, communication is the key to avoid problems becoming bigger.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. It’s usually when we say very little and others have to read between the lines that we get into lots of trouble.

      I agree with you that communication is definitely key to avoiding problems becoming bigger. It’s the only way I know to avoid long term problems.

  5. Amen to that! I so very much agree. I think it’s natural for women to say so little and EXPECT the man to know what were talking about! Poor guys. They get frustrated with us and we with them.

    We have to communicate more with both genders, so there aren’t hard feelings that turn into big trouble later. Part of being so quiet can hurt and kill relationships sometimes.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Isn’t it amazing how we perceive things so differently? I see it the other way round.

      Women are more communicative when it comes to expression, whereas men find it that little bit more difficult to express themselves. It’s not to say all men won’t, but the men I have come across fit this particular bill.

      I do think men are different to women. That much is true. Whereas women will talk to women about their issues, men tend to bottle their issues up. Of course there will be those men who are slightly more forthcoming, but in general men don’t talk about their issues.

      They’ll talk about cars amongst other things they’re passionate about, but not about their issues or problems.

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