4 thoughts on “Health is wealth

  1. Health was the last thing on my mind when I was a young man. That’s why I think it’s important to teach children to eat healthy at an early age, good eating habits carry into adulthood.

    Mental health is crucially important too, but our governments fall well short in providing just basic mental health services.

    1. Thanks Tim. Your absolutely right. I think we’d all think and behave differently if we thought about this more.

      It all comes as a package.

  2. A great little quote. Our health is everything. As Tim says, unfortunately we are not really taught how important a healthy lifestyle is. It is something we take for granted, until we get a warning (if we’re lucky) or it’s too late.

    A relative once said to me, there is no point being the wealthiest man in the cemetery!

    1. Yes thank you; it’s a great quote and so true. Our health is worth more than amy amount of money.

      Our health is everything until we don’t have it, you’re right. It’s a human failing I feel. Nothing in life should ever be taken for granted. We become too complacent, too cocky; or think that things, will never happen to us. They normally happen to someone else.

      Neglecting oneself is a form of abuse.I’m not sure how many of us ever equate that into our thinking, but it’s true.

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