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When was the last time you helped someone out? We should all do it because when we help others out, we’re thinking about and putting others people first and that helps us think about ourselves too. Helping someone else puts us back in the driving seat in our own lives. It means we’re no so wrapped up in ourselves. The act of being kind, takes us away from us being needy to helping someone else who is needy. Help others out, change another life. You’ll be pleased you did.

30 Jun, 2011

6 thoughts on “Helping others out

  1. I am always helping others either through work or personally. To be honest I don’t feel much of it is appreciated, as people seem so hard to please.

    Of course it’s nice when your help is appreciated and that certainly makes you feel good about helping, but I’ve found that a genuine ‘thank you’ isn’t forthcoming often enough these days and that just annoys the hell out of me.

    1. I totally understand your sentiments.

      You are lucky that you have the capacity to be able to help others. That is to be embraced regardless of what you get back. It would be nice but not always forthcoming.

  2. I basically help a few people out when I work and I get rewarded by kind words of encouragement. It feels great when I help people.

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