Hints for a better night’s sleep

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Having troubling sleeping? Herb sachets are known to be calming and effective which can be tucked into your pillowcase. Or make your own with a cotton hankerchief. The best herbs to use are lavender flower, hops and rose petals, then add calming oils such as chamomile and lavender.

Alternatively, there is an aromatherapy body patch containing Lavender, Chamomile and Jasmine oils. As an alternative add Lavender oil added to the pillow for a calm and peaceful sleep.

21 Oct, 2010

10 thoughts on “Hints for a better night’s sleep

  1. I agree. I have tried aromatherapy patches with great success. I do think, however, that they are best used as part of a wider strategy to reduce ones stress rather than relying on patches alone.

  2. I can attest that lavender oil works. I hadn’t heard of using it before until a few years ago when a good friend recommended that I try it out for a little extra aid. Its amazing what alternative medicine can do and how much people generally don’t know about it.

    1. Thanks LeAnna. I think lavender works too. You are also right that not many people know about alternative products that are available as an alternative to those who don’t want to go down the conventional route.

  3. I use a spray of lavender on my pillow case. It does soothes me at night, especially on very hectic days. Great ideas Ilana.

  4. I’ll have to try that one of these days. I’m not big on a lot of scents but it would be worth a shot sometime!

  5. I’m a slave to medication… to wake me up, to help me sleep… I’ve had chronic insomnia my whole life and it’s just comforting to know that I can take a pill whenever I want to sleep and it works every time. I’m VERY sensitive to scents, but I’ll keep your tips in mind Ilana. Thanks!

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