10 thoughts on “How to measure life

  1. This is a nice quote.

    In these busy lives we lead, I wonder how many of us take a step back to savour those moments?

    1. I totally agree, it’s a beautiful quote. I think very few will manage it, but I believe lots would want to manage it. We would need to go back to basics to achieve it.

  2. It is so true, but so hard to remember, because every day we just keep going; taking those breaths.

    The moments that take our breath away are more rare – very special though and those are the things we will reminisce about at the end of our lives.

    1. Lisa I hope you’re doing okay.

      Your words are true and speak volumes. Those moments that take our breath away will be the very thoughts we will reminisce about towards the end of our lives. I believe that too. Thanks for posting.

  3. With reference to your quote my friend Pat lived her life like that.

    It made her life very rich in the end. She was not rich financially, but she had so many friends and gave so much to other people. That is where she found her joy in life. All her friends miss her terribly.

    1. Randy, it’s lovely that Pat was able to live her life like that. I am sure you as much as her other friends miss her. Thanks for posting.

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