4 thoughts on “Inevitable consequences

  1. That’s about the sum of it, actions have consequences.

    A great quote and rather timely given the political turmoil here in the UK. It’s unfortunate that consequences seem to be relegated to “who gives a sh*t?”

    Karma does, that’s who.

    1. Thanks. I felt I needed today’s quote to be timely. It’s hard not to see, or hear what’s going on in the UK. Not easy to avoid.

      Any quote I use has to give us food for thought, a different perspective, something to think about. Like my blogs, I use quotes that can and do leave us in a better emotional space.

      The Universe and karma are listening and observing our deeds all the time. Karma will always correct and balance, but it needs us all to work together to help effect change positively.

      Those are our lessons, we need to learn them.

  2. It is a common mistake to think that our actions don’t have consequences, too common. Makes you wonder why people expose themselves to Karma like that.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I don’t think we consciously make the connections that the decisions we make will have consequences, that the cause and effect based around karma applies to us.

      But at some point I will go on to explain how Karma works, but for now its cause and effect is something we must all think about.

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