6 thoughts on “Inside out

  1. Many people struggle with depression and it tends to make you think negative thoughts. Working on oneself and positive thoughts help immensely.

    Once your internal battles are overcome, you can envision a brighter future and world.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes absolutely, I agree.

      Sorting out any internal battles, means we’ll conduct our behaviour better and as you rightly say that will change the way we see our future and world. Things always look a lot more positive, when our mood is positive.

      When we grow up around negativity and these have been my own experiences, it’s very difficult to see and think positively.

      I believe that when our internal unconscious thoughts are in line with our conscious thoughts, all is well on the outside and even if it’s not we’ll be better equipped to make those things better.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, sleep deprivation is the worst. Without sleep it becomes difficult to continue to function normally, both inside and out. I hope that whatever is keeping you awake, is sorted out soon.

  2. It’s what is inside that counts. Without being happy inside we can’t be happy outside; but it doesn’t work the other way around.

    1. Thanks, yes you’re absolutely right. It will never work the other way round. When we’re happy on the inside, we will always be happy and at peace on the outside.

      Unfortunately, I’m not sure people really understand that fact. They don’t seem to make the correlation between the two.

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