Jumping to conclusions

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When trying to work through certain situations, how many of you jump to conclusions by talking yourself into thoughts, only to find that you were completely off the beaten track? For example, we assume that a friend hasn’t been in touch with us, because she may have been cross with something we said in a telephone conversation a couple of days ago.

In reality the friend probably doesn’t phone, not because of something said, but she’s been too busy and hasn’t had time to call. Jumping to conclusions brings more stress, but isn’t always what’s happening in our reality.

28 Dec, 2010

6 thoughts on “Jumping to conclusions

  1. I totally agree. We should think things through first or wait to see if there’s a problem, before we jump to conclusions. We could be totally off the mark!

        1. I tend to do that too if I’m concerned, otherwise I leave things to see how they turn out.

          Once I follow my own instinct, the situation or whatever I’m dealing with, normally turns out fine in the end.

  2. Jumping to conclusions can be extremely dangerous if we don’t have the right attitude to accept what really is going on in another person/friend’s life.

    I know these last weeks we have been very busy with Wilma’s cancer, with Oncologists, Hospice Nurses plus Social Workers as we seemed to almost live at the Hospital with different Doctors appointments… and when we get home we are so exhausted we don’t have the energy to keep up with friends and family, but that’s not done on purpose as we are both so mentally drained, so now instead friends and family call us and it works well.

    I was told a very good quote many years ago about an old American Indian Chief; “to never judge a man till you have walked a mile in his moccasins.” I’ve tried to keep this rule and it’s served me well.

    1. I like the quote you’ve used Mike.

      It’s also sometimes human nature for us to jump to conclusions on the things that aren’t said as much as the things that are. Now that your family know where you’re at with Wilma and her illness; they’re pulling out the stops to support you without putting the extra pressure on either of you.

      I think sometimes we just have to let people know where we are in our lives. Glad it’s working out with your family. Take care.

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