6 thoughts on “Keeping our cool

  1. Absolutely, this is so true. When we lose our cool we lose fullstop.

    I often appear as an expert witness and the other side’s lawyers try and rubbish evidence and make witnesses lose their temper. The best thing to do is to keep calm at all times and that makes the lawyers lose their temper!

    1. You’re right. We’ll lose that and more! There is no retracting what we say and how we say something, once we’ve said it.

      As you say and as a general rule it’s always best to keep calm.

  2. I totally believe this. If we loose our cool we are reacting just as the other person wants us to. To not loose our cool means they won’t get the satisfaction.

  3. This topic reminds me of a movie I once saw called “Cool Hand Luke.” It’s about a prisoner who kept his cool at all times, under abusive circumstances while serving hard time.

    I think I’m pretty cool under stressful circumstances most of the time, but not all the time.

    Great quote.

    1. Thanks Tim. It was a very cool film and I agree.

      It often depends on whom and what we’re having to deal with as to whether ‘we’re cool’ in stressful circumstances or not. I have to say and these are my experiences, this problem tends to be more prevalent in family scenarios’ mostly.

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