4 thoughts on “Let yourself evolve

  1. Seriously speaking, I would have evolved much faster had The CP Diary been in my life 30 years ago.

    Just think, I would have had a substantial amount of information at my disposal every single day. Where were you, Ilana?

    1. Thanks Tim. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you get there. I would have wanted to have known a lot sooner, but I also know that if I had have known sooner, my life may never have worked out this way.

      The diary has allowed me to evolve and for others too. I also believe things happen for a reason. The diary was fated, I also know spirit wanted and needed me to evolve, to learn about my disability, about my life.

      It also knew my writing would help me move on. in spite of my past. It and I succeeded even with all the odds stacked up against me. It’s how spirit works, if something is meant to be it will find a way, even if we cannot see it at the time.

      1. Yes, Ilana your success is in print, forever documented, something you’ve worked hard to achieve. At this point your success is so numerous it’s hard to keep track of.

        So keep aiming higher and when you have doubt, continue to believe.

        1. Thanks Tim for the reminder. You’re right. As hard as it has been for me, I shall continue. I have come too far now to go back, or give up.

          On another note, behind Mandy’s words belies a good point. We must want to evolve together, we must evolve together, if we are to change, better ourselves, our lives and help support one another.

          The pandemic shows just how far apart we all are.

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