6 thoughts on “Life is change

  1. Choosing wisely hasn’t ever been my area of expertise but I am trying to learn my lessons.

    The only constant we really do have in life is change so it’s a matter of learning how to adjust to it, rather than fighting it every step of the way. I experienced far too much change as a child, which I imagine is why I have fought against it for such a long time.

    Other people may like to shake things up and change everything but I kind of like things to stay the same which does goes against the natural order of things.

    Now if I can learn how to properly grow from my experiences, instead of feeling like I have to suffer over them, my life would definitely get so much better.

    1. Thanks Randy. ‘I kind of like things to stay the same which does goes against the natural order of things.’

      You’re absolutely right. Keeping things the same absolutely goes against the natural order of things and therefore you must change.

      But it’s comforting to know Randy that we’re all in the same boat, so as you must go through change, others must work on change also.

      But it’s important we change. Either that or stagnate and that’s much worse. We learn nothing from standing still.

  2. I just spent the last 2 days thinking about change and depriving myself of sleep because of it.

    Change is one strange movie, I think.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, the anticipation of change is worse than change itself. I think that once you’re through the other side of change, it’s really not scary at all.

      That our thoughts turn us against any idea that change is good for us. Speaking from my experience through what I do with my website, that is absolutely not true.

      As they say we must ‘feel the fear.’ Now that I believe is true. It’s not worth losing sleep over or making ourselves ill. I hope you’re okay.

  3. Change seems optional for some people but without it there can be no growth.

    It’s a shame it’s so painful sometimes, but the pain is temporary and a worthwhile medicine.

    1. Thank you. Change is definitely not optional. Change happens whether we choose to embrace it or not, we just get left behind.

      And as you say change is definitely a ‘worthwhile medicine.’ It’s just such a shame so many people ‘opt out.’ of something that could potentially change their thinking and their life.

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