10 thoughts on “Life’s irony

    1. Thank you. Yes I agree. It’s often only when we’re alone we have time to reflect and use self-examination to determine where we are.

      I believe it’s a necessary part of self-growth. Being alone can be hard, but so is self-growth. It gets better over time with a little perseverance.

  1. I grew up being alone most of the time due to not having many friends, or close relationships; so I’m used to it.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I suspect not having many friends and close relationships as a child, will probably have been hard for you, but as you say you’re used to it now.

      As a child I always liked to be around people, but as the adult I love spending time on my own. The irony is that we all end up on our own when it comes to dealing with things like illness. There are certain things other people cannot help us with.

      I don’t see being on our own as a bad thing at all. I believe we should learn to embrace the concept more. I learn a lot about myself when I’m on my own.

  2. I often feel lonely and wish I had friends to spend time with, but when I am around people there is a small part of me that wishes to be alone.

    I think it’s because I feel so misunderstood by people.

    1. Thanks Maria. I can understand you feeling lonely. It can be very lonely deal with a disability that very few understand. I never had an abundance of friends as a child, partly because my family didn’t encourage it because I had three siblings; but instead learned to live with and like my own company.

      I think part of what you and I deal with can be isolating; but honestly believe the key is to learn how to deal with and accept it as part of who we are. It’s easy to feel misunderstood in company, but feel that isn’t coming from you.

      I believe you are very understood, the misunderstanding is others not understanding you, how you feel and what you deal with. Generally speaking, if people took the time to try to understand what you and I may deal with or others like us, we would be better off.

  3. Loneliness is a time for critical thinking, a time for self examination and reflection, in our nakedness; there’s no other time that we are so painfully truthful with ourselves.

    I think this quote also invites future conversation about the kinship between loneliness and our state of mind.

    1. Thanks Tim and I agree. That’s exactly what I do. When I’m on my own I use my time to reflect the things that I have to deal with in my life.

      I believe it’s the best and probably the only time we’re alone with our thoughts.

  4. Am I the only person that doesn’t like being alone LOL! I do things alone sometimes and when with my dog I talk to her. But I do think about things I need to do when by myself.

    I guess I am different in that respect, I don’t always like being alone.

    1. Thanks Maria. Although I’m sure why some of us like and choose to be on our own and why some of us don’t, I think it probably has something to do with us liking our own company and choosing to spend time on our own.

      As a child I never really honed in on it; but I do love my own company now. I am sure my spiritual values have paved the way. I’ve learned to be and think more independently and just love that time on my own when I can reflect on things.

      It may be that in time Maria you become more comfortable with things. I believe our lifestyle and behaviour patterns account for a lot. I believe it’s from what we’ve seen and what we know and what’s been passed on by our parents to us.

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