Live in the moment positively

A passing thought:

Think about now and bring yourself back into the moment so that you turn some of those negative feelings into positive ones.

It’s fine that you may have made mistakes. Don’t feel bad or beat yourself up about those mistakes you perhaps made; two years ago; last month or even yesterday. Bear in mind that no one is perfect. Tell yourself that making mistakes helps us grow and mature as individuals and that it’s totally okay.

22 Jun, 2011

6 thoughts on “Live in the moment positively

    1. Of course. Learning from our mistakes is always a good lesson to learn.

      It will also enable us to live a more positive life without being so negative about what we deal with.

  1. I used to stress about the mistakes I made in the past, but I did learn from them and tried not to repeat them.

    1. Yes of course. If we are more positive with what we deal with, we are more likely to be able to work through our mistakes and learn from them, than if we have a negative attitude.

      It’s always good to think positively.

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