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  1. Interesting quote, I used to be married to a logical thinker. They are a rare breed and definitely a person that is a loner.

    It’s funny because now I’m married to someone that talks from the heart. So different and definitely a person that I’m more compatible with. A refreshing change!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Maria. I’m less of a logical thinker although I do have logic of course, but have and always do speak from the heart.

      I agree with you, whilst there is more understanding coming from a logical thinker; they tend to say a lot less than those of us who speak from the heart.

      I think when we live with someone who speaks from the heart there will always be more compatibility. At least we will know at any given point where we stand and for me is priceless, although it can be awkward too.

      I appreciate it’s not always easy for others to express themselves in that way.

  2. Yes, we’re not Vulcans. We’re only human, so we tend to think with our feelings, not our minds! I’ve tried living like a Vulcan, but it doesn’t work very well since you feel nothing. Humans are most illogical!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes the human race can be quite illogical, but we are also logical where they want to be. I certainly didn’t see myself as a vulcan as a child, but perhaps that is what I was.

      When we live with reason and logic with no interference from our emotions, I suppose that is what we are. I can see how that wouldn’t work very well, particularly as we need to fit in.

  3. Absolutely, but isn’t that part of what makes us humans? I often sit and watch our cat who shows no emotion, just logic and I wonder at how she lives her life based solely on logic and instinct and think how simple that life would be.

    But I think that’s missing the point. We are emotional and illogical and those qualities make us who we are; difficult as that can be at times.

    1. How simple our life would be with just those qualities. Like you, I’ve learned a lot over the years just watching my pets. Although pets can’t talk they do express themselves through their behaviour and that would be the same as us talking.

      We don’t have to be vocal to be expressive, but I do agree with you the human race is different. We are more emotional creatures, but some of us must learn to use our emotions more.

  4. I am more emotional than logical, which can be a struggle to have my emotions under control. My husband is more logical.

    At times his lack of emotion annoys me. It just makes it seem like he doesn’t care about things, even though I know he does. Maybe him being more logical is a good thing because he helps me control my emotions.

    1. What you describe happens a lot in relationship, particularly when one person is more logical and the other more emotional.

      It’s not surprising you struggle Maria. Women are more emotional by nature. Unfortunately when someone is more logical than emotional I believe there will always be less understanding and with less understanding there is little empathy.

      Even if we don’t understand what another person deals with, or how another person feels, we must still learn to empathise. From my own experience, those who are more logical don’t do empathy or understand very well and that’s when we may struggle.

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