6 thoughts on “Looking at the past

  1. If ever there was a quote written for me this is it. I am guilty of looking at the past and of wondering ‘what if this’ and ‘what if that?’

    I know it really does no good, as we can’t change anything about our past, other than how we think about them. I also know that if we could have changed the past we would have done.

    So helped by Stephanie’s quote, today is the last day that I do this. No more nostalgia through rose tinted spectacles, no more wishing I could have changed things, just a new more positive outlook about the future.

    1. Thank you. You’ve covered all bases. There is nothing more that I need to add, suffice to say I agree.

      It’s a brilliant quote. Nothing fussy, but dead on point.

  2. The past is not smoke and mirrors, it’s intertwined with the present and the future. It transfers our lives into relevancy and gives us tremendous insight to move forward.

    Indeed, without the past, The CP Diary would never have been born, or anything else for that matter.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes absolutely and it does, as long as we make our way to understand our past. Because without our understanding we will fail to gain any perspective on our present or future.

      The CP Diary and my past experiences are very much intertwined with my present and that’s fine because I work things out as I go.

      Sadly, too many people remain stuck in the past.

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