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  1. It happens a lot in married couples that one spouse grows and the other lags behind. You need to have open communication to work through changes to meet in the middle. Love suffers if one takes a path and your partner stays put.

    Distance sets a relationship up for failure. That’s why the divorce rate is 50% sad.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes, emotional growth does split couples and families, sadly. You’re absolutely right.

      I find it sad that the spouse who lags behind either doesn’t see that is what is happening, or simply doesn’t want to work through the process him or herself.

      When procrastination sets in, it’s often the spouse who has emotionally grown, who is blamed for the emotional distance. All it would take is for their spouse to do some work on themselves.

      I believe distance can work in relationships where emotional maturity is evident. Because with emotional maturity comes understanding and communication.

    1. Thanks. Yes, it does, but it’s only temporary. Once we move on and we begin to live our lives again, that’s when emotional growth will continue.

  2. I believe in letting love take its course to make sure it’s in rhythm, since some folks grow in the wrong direction.

    We speak lightly about that, but it’s growth nevertheless.

    1. Sadly and you’re right. Some folks do grow in the wrong direction. Since our growth stems from our formative years, how our parents react and live their lives, so too will their children.

      That’s not to say we can’t change course mid stream, or begin to live our lives in more productive ways, through growth and love.

      I think our belief systems are very much catalyst to growth, as long as our beliefs allow us to incorporate love and growth in a way that serves the universe; but we would need to include the basics such as empathy, tolerance, patience and understanding.

      Those certainly add to personal growth.

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