Meeting deadlines

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Putting things off or cramming in, may be adding to stress. Sometimes we hold back on things, either because we can’t be bothered to finish a job off, or we work better under pressure and know that if we start the job too soon we’ll perhaps not do as good a job, as if we started the job near to our deadline. Some of us work better under pressure.

Some of us do better because we start and finish our jobs in good time. However, you meet your deadlines, just take the stress out of how you meet your deadline. Of course, how you choose to meet your deadline is up to you.

4 Oct, 2011

4 thoughts on “Meeting deadlines

  1. I have put things off and when the deadline approached it added more stress.

    I try to finish things now in a timely manner, but when I was self employed for 20 years I had to learn to be organized and disciplined and not give in to distractions no matter what they were.

  2. Most things I do and get it done. Occasionally I will put something off if it’s not a big deal.

    If I wait to the last minute to do something important it will stress me out completely.

    1. What you say makes total sense Lisa. We tend to know what works and what doesn’t for us as far as deadlines are concerned. What deadlines we need to meet and which deadlines will wait.

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