8 thoughts on “Never look backwards

  1. If we keep looking back on our lives, we will never be able to go forward. Looking back sometimes just causes us grief.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I agree with you that if our past is something we are struggling with, looking backwards will always cause us grief, but if we can look back and learn from our past, then it will have served its purpose.

      We have to make sure though we don’t stay living in the past.

  2. I like this quote. Looking back at things sometimes brings nostalgia if it is a good time in the past.

    Funny thing is that most of the times we look back, it is something troubling to us. But when I do that, I always say “that’s the past, now let’s look to the future.”

    1. Thanks Maria. You’re absolutely right. I think when we look at the past and can say, “that’s the past now let’s look at the future,” in a way we’re telling ourselves it’s okay to move on.

      By recognising what’s past we also allow ourselves to move on.

  3. I like this quote too; very true. We can learn from the past but it is just that… it’s gone and we have to look forward.

  4. The past is one of my greatest teachers; I am loyal to it, it follows me wherever I go and it prepares me for the future. I look at the past as a tool for growth, I would move aimlessly without it.

    I squeeze a little wisdom from the past, I just don’t stay there.

    1. Thanks Tim. I completely agree with you. Without using our past as a tool; I agree we would aimlessly move forward without it.

      The past is our connection to the present and the future.

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