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  1. Very true, indeed! The opinion of others doesn’t define us. I used to worry what people thought of me and tried to seek their approval. By doing so I wasn’t being my true self.

    We need to live our life how it feels right to us, not how others expect us to.

  2. Opinions are funny, sometimes you read someone all wrong and form an incorrect opinion. How unfair it is to form an opinion without all the facts.

    We really should take the time to see the whole picture instead.

  3. I used to think people’s opinion of me mattered, but I’ve learned not to care in the slightest. If they don’t like what they get, then that’s their problem, not mine.

    I’ve also learned not to form early opinions on others too, as I have found some people have grown on me and are better for the knowing.

    1. If I put something out there that is deemed inappropriate, then it matters to me what that person thinks, particularly if they thought I wasn’t a nice person.

      As much as this quote says another person’s opinion does not define us, I believe we are defined by what we put out there, by its very nature. Another person’s opinion of me if they’re malicious and set out to belittle me would not define how I am.

      In those circumstances and like you say, I have learned not to care.

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