8 thoughts on “Our own plan

  1. True, but I also believe there is a bigger picture going on as well, so I guess it’s all about how we play things out ourselves within this bigger picture.

    Great movie too!

    1. Yes I believe there is definitely a bigger picture to everyone’s lives, but how we ultimately behave is down to us.

  2. Life presents us with many opportunities to do good things, to do the right thing; it’s just that so many people don’t get it.

    I believe there is a system of ultimate judgment based on our actions through this journey.

    1. I believe that too Tim. This is what the universe is all about. At the end of the day we are all accountable for our actions. It misses no one.

      I think you’re right though, not many people understand how life and its rules work, either that or they don’t give it a second’s thought.

  3. It seems like a lot of people don’t think about how their actions may or may not hurt them in the future.

    They are narrow minded and go for the gratification at the time. It takes a keen mind to look ahead and say ‘no’ to something.

    We are the drivers of our own bus. It’s up to us to choose the right path (or face getting lost!)

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