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  1. Very true quote. I’m sure if it was said back in the early 1900’s it would have been met with more disapproval than it does today.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes I agree with you. What is accepted by society today wouldn’t have been understood or accepted by society in the early 1900’s.

      In many ways we’re lucky and it’s a bonus society has moved on, but not without its pitfalls.

  2. I think it’s also about changing our internal vocabulary to align our thoughts to think progress and to think change.

    It seems that I change only when my back is against the wall, when the only way out is forward; and that needs to change.

    1. Thanks Tim. It’s a human failing, but only when we have no choice do we work through change, the rest of the time we follow the same thought patterns that don’t lend itself to change; in fact it’s the opposite. I think you’re right that’s something we all need to work on and change.

      I believe though that the more we work towards and implement change, the more we will be okay with change. We need to feel the fear of change and that is what most of us are fearful of.

  3. I’ve dealt with far too many people who really don’t want to change,so therefore their lives continue to always be the same way! They piss and moan about how difficult their lives are, but don’t seem to realize there are things they could do to make their life different.

    It’s like the expression, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!” One person I know in particular, seems to think that religion will fix everything which is so very far from the case.

    I’ve had to work on changing things in my life, which really hasn’t been easy but I’ve done it! Now if I can just continue to work on the things that I can change and not focus so much on the things I can’t, my life will be so much better for it!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes I also know people who fit into the category you describe.

      I personally believe some of us genuinely don’t want to change, others want to change but don’t know how to and others will work through change and will change.

      I like you have had to work on changing things in my life so know it can be done and as long as we are making progress, there is no reason why we won’t be able to change.

      I would keep doing what you’re doing. It sounds as though what you are doing is helping and that’s great.

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