6 thoughts on “Puzzles and people

  1. I can relate to that!

    I know people like this; that’s just the way they are. They have this part of their lives and that part, but put them together and they have a mess.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Lisa.

    I know many people, mostly family members who have some good characteristics in isolation, but when taken as a whole are a nightmare.

  3. Yes, sometimes you have to deal with people a piece at at time before you can figure out what the whole is!

    Personally I feel like a puzzle with many missing pieces, so I may not ever be fully put back together again. I’m praying that it may one day change.

    1. I also hope that one day you will feel different about yourself, but depending on what we have to deal with in our lives Randy I am sure you’re not alone with your thoughts.

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