Reasons for anger

Something inspirational:

“Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.”


27 May, 2015

6 thoughts on “Reasons for anger

  1. I have grown up always feeling some level of anger for what I have to face living with CP. I try to keep it under control.

    I believe I do a pretty good job of doing so, but I do have those days where I just have to let it out.

    1. Thanks Maria. I grew up with the same feelings and anger as you and know exactly how you feel.

      I think as adults we’re far more equipped to deal with what we have to deal with, but I wonder how much of my anger stemmed from frustration. I believe though, that with family support, you and I will have faired better in understanding how best to cope with Cerebral Palsy.

  2. This is a good quote, some anger is justified as with Maria and your case, Ilana.

    I grew up with some anger because Mom was a single parent. She had to work 3 jobs to make ends meet. I just thought it was unfair that she should have to work so hard. Kids with both parents are lucky, at least they can have one parent there for them when needs be.

    We had to grow up fast and be responsible so Mom could go off to her other jobs. It was good for us because it prepared us for life, we were pros by the time high school rolled around. My brother was a handful, he was AdHd before that buzz word was so common like today.

    I wish we had had an elephant dart for him sometimes, he was awful…He’s still a handful, but I wouldn’t trade him for gold!

    1. Thanks Maria. I think anger is always a tough call. Without explanations from parents about what that child has to deal with will always bring about anger in varying degrees. In your case I’m just wondering whether your mother explained her circumstances to you so that you were fully made aware, or whether you were just aware of what was going on.

      Although your mum having 3 jobs was difficult for you and your brother, it somehow makes the going easier when we understand why things are done a certain way. On top of that your mum having to deal with your brother must have added more stress into the equation.

      You had a lot that you had to deal with and with no support. You were bound to feel life was unfair. I understand.

  3. I agree with this quote. I have always believed that anger achieves very little and we are better off channelling our feelings of anger into something more constructive.

    There is an old saying that goes, “don’t get mad, get even.” I have had occasion to ‘take the law into my own hands,’ but i don’t agree with getting even as I believe people who deserve it will get what is coming without our intervention.

    That makes us as bad as they are.

    1. Thanks. I couldn’t agree more. Putting anger out there will bring more anger and angst. As you say we are much better off channelling our anger into things that are more positive.

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