Recognising positivity

How many of us do positive things in our lives but only see them as being negative?

Most of us will only focus on the negative, but won’t see any of what we do as being positive. Maybe we should list and acknowledge all the positive things. Perhaps we should count all the positives in our life. There will always be positives, it’s a matter of us seeing them.

7 May, 2011

4 thoughts on “Recognising positivity

  1. I used to be very negative, but I’ve gotten over that.

    I try to see the positive in everything and count my blessings daily. My daughter always has negative things that she comes up with. I have to work on her. I encourage her to think positive though. My mom thinks negatively sometimes, but I also encourage her to think positively. It gets on my nerves when they do this.

    It’s so useless and causes stress in their lives I think. So positive, positive, positive!

    1. You are right Lisa we do need to be positive.

      A lot of what you talk about here seems to be learned behavior which starts very early on in our lives. If we’re around negative people, we tend to emulate what we see. It is of course important for us to be as positive as we can and for us to see all the positive things we do in our day and lives.

      It is only then that we will then begin to act on all that we see as being positive.

  2. I think it takes more energy to be negative, plus people do not want to be around negative people.

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