6 thoughts on “Resolution of conflict

    1. Thanks Randy. I believe we can all do this. With practice, determination and the right tools, there is no reason why not.

      We don’t have to convince someone else of what we know to be true. We just have to leave them with ‘food for thought.’

    1. As with everything it can take time and a little bit of practice, but it’s certainly do-able!!

  1. Yes, easier said than done but once you do it, it’s awesome.

    Once the other person finds out you were right, it’s a sweet taste called victory and you didn’t even have to struggle to do it!

    1. It’s that quiet inward contemplation when we just know we’re right, regardless of the outcome.

      Our natural response would be to vehemently fight back when someone is arguing with us. I believe we can get where we want to without responding in a similar way. Whilst this can be very hard to achieve experience has certainly taught me the right outcome prevails without ‘all guns blazing.’

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