Seize the day

Something inspirational:

“Be strong. Be hopeful. Seize the day boldly and shape it to your own ends and never be surprised if it sprouts a hundred different obstacles for you to overcome. Your treasure will never be given to you. You must know yourself, stay true to yourself and wrest your destiny from the grasp of life.”


23 Feb, 2012

6 thoughts on “Seize the day

  1. Great saying. I often find I’m just to busy too to take time out to think like that during the day, but I do agree it is important to have that sort of attitude.

  2. This is a very good saying, it always helps to try to make the best of today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn’t gotten here yet!

    I’m trying very hard to learn how to seize the day, since I always have troubles with getting stuck in yesterday.

    Hopefully I can continue working on it so the future will be much brighter!

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