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  1. Yes, we should help others however we can. My mom was all about helping others and doing for others. She was a great example for us to follow because of her service to others. Giving of herself unselfishly.

    I’m so proud to call her my mom still, even though she isn’t with us on earth any more she is with us in spirit and her sprit lives on in the people she helped.

    I would love to be like her. I love helping others when I can.

    1. Thanks Lisa. You should be proud. There should be more of us doing it.

      I believe helping others is seen as the cost of us living here on earth. I also believe that if get this right in our lifetime here on earth, it will help us with an easier transition to the spirit world.

  2. This is a nice little quote and I can see that giving back can be seen as the cost of living – literally. I guess that means there may well be a universal relationship between our quality of life here and the extent of our service to others; maybe?

    1. Thank you. I definitely believe there is a correlation between the universal relationship; the extent of our services to others and the quality of lives here definitely.

      I also believe extending our help to others this side of life helps us with our transition to the spirit world.

  3. This quote reminds me of how good I feel when I make a positive contribution to someone’s life; it kind of nourishes me in a special way.

    We cannot exist without each other; we exist to serve each other, but too many people are oblivious to that.

    1. Thanks Tim. Your first sentence is what life is all about. I think any kind of contribution nourishes the soul and makes us feel good about ourselves.

      I think many people do start to take each other for granted after a while, particularly if they’ve been together for a long time; we do become oblivious to the way we behave. If we love the skin we’re in I believe we can exist without others, not everyone needs to be with someone, but in the longer term I believe it would make for a lonely life.

      Being on my own every now and again is lovely. I love my own space but I wouldn’t want to be on my own indefinitely. I agree we exist to be with others.

  4. Someone mentioned that doing good for others nourishes the soul.

    That’s exactly why I am nice to people, it makes me feel really good to put a smile on someone’s face. This is how I was raised to be selfless and kind, it’s worked well for me thus far!

    Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes; loved spending time with family!

    1. Thanks Maria and you’re welcome. I absolutely agree, doing good deeds and being kind does nourish the soul and does make us feel good that we’ve done something kind.

      In this fast paced world we live in, I think the old-fashioned values (of how you and I were raised) seem to have been overlooked. There’s a new generation out there with completely different values.

      Your mum did a good job Maria and it’s something I’m sure you’ve passed on to your own family. Love this.

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