Simplify things in your life

A passing thought:

Simplify things in your life so that you manage fewer things, you own fewer things and you have fewer responsibilities. Simplifying your life in these ways will make you less stressed.

5 Aug, 2011

4 thoughts on “Simplify things in your life

  1. I totally agree, but sometimes it’s hard to get shed of things.

    I have stopped buying useless stuff but now I have to deal with the stuff I already have and I’ve gotten rid of a lot.

    I take my stuff to the local hospice house charity. That way they can make some money for the hospice.

    1. I totally understand. I think it’s a lot harder to try and get rid of all the things we buy, not to mention the stress factor of owning or having to have these things.

      Just imagine a world without any of it and how unburdened we’ll feel. It’s great that you’re sending your stuff to charity.

  2. I agree too.

    Too much stuff that a person does not use just piles up. Then you have to find a place to put it. It ends up collecting dust.

    My father has collected stuff that my brother and I will end up putting in the trash bin. Too much stuff causes so much work in the end. Keep it to a minimum.

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