8 thoughts on “Someone to blame

  1. This quote is interesting. I think that sometimes before we blame others we need to look at ourselves to see if we aren’t the cause.

    This is something a lot of people don’t do, including myself!

    1. A breath of fresh air Maria. Thanks for being honest.

      Some of us would rather apportion blame than come forward and say we’re at fault. I think it’s a pride thing, but it always pays to be honest in the longer term, whether we believe that or not.

      It also shows we’re human and that we can and do sometimes make mistakes. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  2. I’ve spent the majority of my life blaming others for my problems, when I was the one who actually made the bad choices in my life! It would be great if I could change those things, but unfortunately time doesn’t go backwards, so I have to deal with the now.

    I just really have to try to remember that I can actually make better choices in my life to improve my future. Hoping and praying that things will be different from now on.

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