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Isn’t it amazing that one of the first words we learn to say is also one of the first words we learn not to use? Why do we feel obliged to say yes to things we don’t want to say yes to?

We say yes to please, when we should be saying no and pleasing ourselves first. Perhaps we need to say maybe instead of yes and think about it, when we’re asked to do something that we don’t want to do.

Maybe works because it gives us time to reassess the situation. We can always go back and say no later, if we feel that’s the right decision for us. By learning to say no we put ourselves back in control.

9 Dec, 2010

6 thoughts on “Take control

  1. Boy, talk about perfect timing! I’ve been dealing with this dilemma in my life lately and I’ve gotten myself into quite a situation over it.

    I grew up always having to say yes to other people’s needs and never taking care of my own. Now if I could just learn to say NO, then my life would be a whole lot better!

    Thanks for bringing up the subject.

    1. No problem Randy. I was very similar to you when I was a child, I don’t remember once saying no.

      I always aimed to please and said yes, but as I grew up I began to realise that saying yes all the time, didn’t make my family appreciate me any more than my other siblings for me doing as they asked.

      It was at that point, I began to think about my own needs and have never looked back.

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