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How many of us fall asleep when we take ten minutes to relax during the day? Taking a catnap during the day can cut down on the build-up of stress. It also helps with alertness, helps us deal with what we need to deal with. Rest for between 15 and 20 minutes a day gives yourself the chance to recharge your batteries. When the body is telling us, it needs to rest, it’s usually because we’ve over exerted ourselves. Take a rest.

27 Sep, 2011

6 thoughts on “Taking a rest

  1. I agree we should always listen to what our body tells us and rest when we need to. In our busy lives it is often difficult to do.

    I find that having a break from what we’re doing; going for a short walk; sitting outside; turning off the laptop and having a chat; or having a break and making a cup of tea, are all goods ways of letting go of stress too.

  2. Oh man I do that a lot here lately. I’ll just sit down and suddenly I’m waking up after a few minutes.

    I sometimes fall asleep while I’m writing, especially if it’s quiet. I can’t stand doing that. I think it’s narcolepsy related.

    I should take cat naps during the day. Matter of fact I just dozed off while reading what I have typed!

    1. I’ve read that taking cat naps during the day is the best way to rest. That way our body rests when it needs to rest. Now we don’t have to feel guilty for doing it.

      Glad you got to rest Lisa.

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