Taking control of family

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Extended families can be a source of happiness, but can also be a source of unhappiness. Taking on their worries can cause a lot of distress for you. It is okay to be at arm’s length to support them, but be in control of your own thoughts and focus on what’s important for you. Don’t let them interfere with your own journey. Family will always have opinions, but your opinions must be yours.

29 Jan, 2011

2 thoughts on “Taking control of family

  1. I understand totally.

    But what if your family insist on involving you in their troubles, especially if it involves one of your immediate family members? Like my mother’s problems with my daughter.

    I know I should be the one to take care of her problems, but then again my mother won’t let me be the mother. She never has.

    1. I understand you totally Lisa, but you have to say no to your mom, so that you can start being a mother to your daughter. That right should never have been taken away from you. The reason we don’t speak out is for fear of reprisal from the other family member.

      I have been there many times Lisa, but your life has to be for you and that of your immediate family which includes your daughter.

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