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  1. I agree to a point. Some six year old’s don’t have the comprehension to understand some things.

    My son doesn’t understand a lot because he doesn’t comprehend things like potty training and doing wrong, but he has a slight brain injury. I can explain things all day to him and he just looks at me, puzzled.

    I understand the quote though and a normal six year old should get things if we get down to their level and explain it in their terms.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I have to say I also agree to a point. There are two ways of looking at this quote.

      I think you’re right children won’t always understand what we say to them. It’s the nature of being a child and unless we learn to explain things at their level they will never understand.

      The other train of thought highlights the problems an adult may have. If we’re struggling to find the words, it could be because we don’t always understand the subject or explanation and I agree with that.

  2. I don’t think it’s a matter of not understanding the information we’re trying to disseminate. I think it’s more about having the ability to communicate while using the same language of the person or people we’re trying to communicate with.

    I agree that communicating with a six year old can be challenging, but we always find a way to communicate, whether it’s verbal or nonverbal.

    1. Thanks Tim. I also agree with your interpretation, but I guess we’ll never know what the author of the quote was really thinking when he wrote this, as there could be a number of interpretations.

  3. This quote makes perfect sense. Unless we understand something ourselves we will be unable to explain it to others.

    The measure of explaining something to a child is a good one, as this requires us to think carefully about the subject in question and for us to explain it clearly and simply; therefore we should imagine ourselves explaining to a child.

    If we feel unable to do that, we should question our own understanding of what it is we are trying to explain.

    1. I also agree with your interpretation. I think the analogy you’ve used is a good one.

      If we have difficulty explaining something to a child, we will have difficulty explaining to anyone else, since we have to be able to do it in the most simplistic of terms so that they understand.

      It’s a good starting point.

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