6 thoughts on “The art of persistence

  1. I think we are all smart, but in different ways and not just because we have or haven’t been to this or that University. I don’t count myself as smart. I am able to look at things and work things out.

    Others think I am smart but that’s only because they can’t work the same things out, but then they probably can do stuff I can’t. And I think old Albert there was being a bit self effacing too!

    1. Thanks, yes I agree. But that’s a good way to be. It’s much better to be self-effacing than be ‘full on.’

      Life isn’t about doing things for our own gain with a need for others to notice us, or for us to want to be noticed. If others notice that’s fine, but we must do what we do without the need for personal gain and must be selfless at all times.

      I agree with you about Albert. I love that in a person. The world would be a kinder place with more people self-effacing people in it.

  2. Yes, persistence can be a very good thing especially when you are trying to solve a problem.

    I stuck with it while trying to solve why it was that the most amazing and beautiful women kept chasing after the bad boys, until I finally realized that they were so used to being treated a certain way that they didn’t really know any different.

    You live what you know. It also dawned on me that I was doing pretty much the same thing, by ending up being involved with women who treated me the same way my mother did.

    I used to think I was so incredibly smart, until I looked at my decision making and realized that I’m only human after all. People usually do give up far too easily, which I can understand because that’s what I always used to do; but I’m trying so very hard to change things.

    I can only hope and pray to make the best of what time I do have left to use my brain, like it was always meant to be.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, sadly, repeated patterns come from our unconscious thinking and that usually stems from childhood.

      We live what we know through what we see growing up and unless we actively choose to live a different life and move away from people similar to those around us, it’s easy to see why we end up with the same people.

      It’s been proven. I think we’re all smart, but fundamentally we lack the ability to understand our emotions and how they work.

      It took me many years to understand my emotions, all of which are being documented on the site and for others too!

  3. It could mean he takes his time trying to solve that problem, but eventually he will succeed. Persistence is wonderful, look at all the famous people they get told ‘no’ a lot. Those who persist triumph.

    1. Thanks Maria. I absolutely agree and even if we don’t always triumph all of the time, we succeed just through being able to learn new things.

      I believe persistence does help us find a way through even if it isn’t the way we initially intended.

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