4 thoughts on “The art of thinking

  1. My thinking ends when I reach the edge of my comfort zone, just before I bite my bottom lip.

    My sanity is way too precious to take it any further than that.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, it’s not easy working outside of our comfort zone, but sometimes I feel it’s necessary, because that is ultimately how we grow.

      There will be times where it’s not necessary to venture out of our comfort zones, but that very much depends on the issue or people we’re dealing with. Sometimes we’re left with little choice.

      But the more we think about things, the more emotionally mature we will become. Perhaps at that stage we probably wouldn’t mind, coming out of our comfort zones.

  2. I agree. Unfortunately in our automated, impersonal societies, so much work is carried out without thought, it’s not even a requisite anymore.

    1. Thanks. Yes, we seem to have got out of the habit, or we leave the thinking to others who don’t mind thinking!

      I really think it’s a shame. If more of us thought things through, particularly in the first instance, we would all be in a difference head space in the world.

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