6 thoughts on “The book of life

  1. To the contrary, the back of the book is a reference guide for me, it shows me where I’ve been and where I need to go.

    We can’t reach back in the past and rescue our life, but there are answers back there if we look hard enough.

    1. Thanks Tim. I am sure this quote is open to different interpretations and I get yours. Even without any references in the back of this book, by the time we’ve lived our lives I’m sure we will have notched up many reference tools to help us.

      I personally believe though, the Book of Life means experiencing our life without any references, but believe our experiences will always dictate things differently.

  2. I agree with Tim and I also see your point. The answers may not be in the back of the book, but some are in our past since that’s where we learn lessons from.

    So wouldn’t the answers be in the front of the book if it goes by chronological order?

    1. Thanks Lisa. Anywhere in the book would be good if there was one, but primarily I believe the answers are in our minds, because that is where we store our experiences.

  3. I agree, if only life was that simple we could cheat and have a crafty look at the back, instead we have to find the answers ourselves.

    1. I agree. We’d find life a lot easier I’m sure. We tend to get stuck because we fail to understand how to change things, or how to work through the different scenarios we find ourselves in.

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