4 thoughts on “The conventional view

    1. No problem Lisa. My understanding of the quote is that when we follow the conventional route (the route we are sometimes expected to follow) we don’t or won’t have to think about or make decisions for ourselves, because those decisions are already made for us.

      The more we move away from what is considered conventional, the more we have to think and make those decisions for ourselves.

  1. Good quote. I remember JK from my economics course at university.

    He is right. Taking the conventional view does not promote any unique thoughts and innovation has only ever come through challenging the conventional. There is also however, in my view, room for the conventional in our lives too.

    1. Thanks. I agree with you.

      I would also add that even if we take the conventional route, we must always still rely on our own thinking to make sure we’re happy with what we’re about to embark on.

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