6 thoughts on “The curious paradox

  1. Yes, we have to accept ourselves to know ourselves so we can change what we want to change. We may look at ourselves and decide we like what we see and not want to change.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I agree with you on both points. I would just extend that by saying that if I may be saying that if we like what we see there would be no need for us to change.

      Sometimes though what we see isn’t how others may perceive us and it’s that which may cause problems.

  2. Accepting myself as I am has been such a very hard thing to do!

    I’ve always felt less than human, after the way I was treated as a child so I didn’t develop a very good sense of self. My parents never seemed to accept me as I was which didn’t make things any easier.

    I’ve learned that just because I have to accept something, doesn’t mean I have to like it which is a good thing. I’m still trying to get used to looking at myself as more than nothing, so I’m slowly getting there!

    1. I completely understand your first sentence Randy. With nothing but the wrong input from both of your parents, it would be easy to see why accepting yourself has been so hard for you.

      I’m glad you’re slowly getting there with the way you see yourself now. From my own upbringing I remember being neutral about how I saw myself, although I wasn’t keen on looking at myself with CP. It took me until I got in my 30’s to really appreciate myself and how I saw myself. I like what I see now.

      That part often comes with age and a desire to move beyond the flaws of what we see.

    1. Yes you’re absolutely right. We cannot expect to change anything else in our lives if we don’t learn to accept ourselves first.

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