6 thoughts on “The lack of friendship

  1. I totally agree. Like the song by Michael Bolton says: ‘how can we be lovers if we can’t be friends.’

    Your spouse should be your best friend and confidant. My husband and I are friends and even though we show our love for each other in different ways than other people would, we’re still friends. When my ex-husband died from suicide my husband was a very good friend and understood what I was going through.

    I didn’t know how to act around him at first, but when he held me tight and told me he understood and that it was okay if I was upset, I just let go and cried and sobbed which was what I was holding in. He was a great friend.

    I love my husband so much. We will have been married 19 years in November. We must be friends with our spouse and cherish every moment with them.

    1. You’re absolutely right Lisa, we must and in theory that works, but for some couples in practice that is a lot harder to do.

      I think it helps if two people start out as friends first, but stressful situations can take its toll on a relationship and needs to be worked on continuously.

      Friendship is definitely the key.

    1. Thank you. I agree with Lisa too. Our spouses should be our best friend and confidant. Without those as a base, there will be very little to the relationship.

  2. Yes it does help to be friends with your spouse so that you can actually communicate with each other when needed!

    I’ve been in a lot of one sided relationships which really doesn’t work. I’m just trying to do my best as far as connecting with my spouse so that we can be happy with each other most of the time!

    1. You’re absolutely right. It’s easy to let relationships become one-side.

      They are never tailored made but we must always give of our best to make sure they’re never become one-sided relationships. Being friends first helps. I know that’s something you will continue to try to do Randy.

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