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  1. This is such a nice quote. Few of us truly understand the gift we can be for others, while we are passing through this life. Once we have passed, all that is left are memories held by others.

    Our gift is to stop, reflect and think about our lives and by attending to our physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing live a purposeful presence within our relationships.

    1. Thank you. Many of us struggle to find that gift, you’re absolutely right. Some find it later in life, others may not find it at all.

      But even without understanding our gift, we can still be a gift to others just by being empathetic, compassionate and reaching out to others.

      I would say it’s the spiritual way. Caring about people and about life. Your last paragraph definitely resonates with my greatly.

  2. We pretty much live in an impersonal, unconscious version of life, with on going conflicts and politics based on flawless ideologies made to hurt people.

    But this kind of quote gives us a lot to think about if we wish to form a whole and live more harmoniously with the planet. The CP Diary is a perfect example of a gift that Ilana authored and had the morality to give it away.

    1. I always look for feature page quotes that help us think about life and which are thought provoking and which give us an understanding, so that we can learn to live our lives with more morality.

      Your final comment about The CP Diary and what I am doing is very touching Tim. Thank you.

  3. Well, I know very well what my ‘gift’ is, but a lot of people really don’t believe in it, so it’s something I can’t always talk about. I’m very good at reading people so I would have been good as a police detective or a doctor.

    I would have been able to work with people, but with the way I grew up, I lost the ability to connect with people on the level that’s needed to work with them.

    I also have a very hard time being able to give it away, since it was always taken from me, so I always felt like I never had a choice.

    There are things I can still do now but have to find a way to do the things I need to do in my own way!

    1. Thanks Randy. I can resonate with your earlier struggles, but I believe you can still work at your gift. It’s never too late to have a go, to change what was, to what can be.

  4. I think we all have a gift within ourselves to care for others, regardless of what race or background we are from, but sometimes our closed minds don’t allow us to.

    1. You’re absolutely right. I couldn’t agree more. Whatever gift we have, some will innately know about their gift earlier in their lives. For others they may find their gift later.

      I believe though, that without an understanding of ourselves, we very rarely find what that gift is. When we come to understand what makes us, us we will come to understand how to apply that gift, but we must understand ourselves first.

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