10 thoughts on “The nature of life

  1. I agree with this. We should live our lives for ourselves not for others, even though we still care for the others.

    Other people don’t experience our memories or feel how we feel about certain memories. Our life is ours as are our memories.

    1. Thanks Lisa. We should also try to remember our experiences in the way we experienced them so they mean something to us, even the bad experiences.

      All experiences shape us into the person we become.

  2. Once upon a time I had pretty close to a photographic memory, so there is a lot I can’t forget that I wish I could! I’ve been through hell but now I’m trying to live differently so I can actually enjoy how I’m living now.

    Most people don’t stop to enjoy the little things in life when it truly passes by so quickly.

    1. Life does pass by quickly, you’re right Randy.

      It must be slightly harder with a photographic memory to forget things. As you say there are things you would want to forget that you can’t because of your memory.

      I hope you’re managing to live your life how you want to live it now.

  3. Life’s memories are precious.

    I remember watching the sparkle in my father’s eyes when he shared his experiences with me.

  4. I like this quote a lot. Jack Johnson the musician, says ‘I believe in memories, they look so pretty when I sleep.’

    Memories are everything in life and they stay with us for our whole lives, so I feel it is important to remember them how we would like to remember them.

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