The problem with ‘what if’

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Most worrying begins with the words ‘what if.’ Is this something you used to say as a child? If you didn’t use these words, did you hear your parents use them? Do you use them now?

It’s easy for us conjure up thoughts in our minds accompanied by images of misfortune, pessimism or thoughts of doom and gloom; where we anticipate a situation where we’re laughed at when these words are used.

Try replacing ‘what if’ with the words ‘so what if’ and see how different the meaning of the sentence sounds.

16 Oct, 2011

10 thoughts on “The problem with ‘what if’

  1. Those words just cross my mind too much… and sometimes they don’t, I just worry. Changing the words could be very positive.

    I’ll try this. Great suggestion.

  2. I have learned never to use this phrase. It’s pointless. Things are what they are. If you use what if too much, it will drive you crazy.

    1. You’re right Randy; I like you see ‘what if’ as being pointless. What will happen will happen whether we use those words or not. Best not to.

  3. When I was real young that phrase posed a big problem for me. Now it doesn’t typically cross my mind at all.

    Speculating about how something will turn out is pointless. More often than not, people assume the worst and get all worked up about something that doesn’t occur.

  4. Randy you’re absolutely right. It’s so negative, the sooner we forget the phrase exists the better. No good can come from thinking ‘what if’.

  5. I’ve spent far too many years stuck in the “What if” cycle and now I have to learn how to just live a day at a time. I didn’t grow up in a normal world, where we would’ve had support on how to deal with things, so it’s very hard not to always think of “What if.”

    I’m hoping the future will be a lot better in that department!

    1. I totally understand you Randy. Without the support it’s easy to think about “what if.”

      Now looking to the future without having to use the “what if” will be good. Good luck.

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