6 thoughts on “The simplest things

  1. This reminds me of the little projects that kids make at school.

    They’re made with crayons and such, but you know they tried their hardest. The words on them are usually the truest form of love. The simplest words mean the most, most things like this are priceless.

    1. Awww sweet Maria. Yes absolutely. The innocence of what children or what children write down in school are often the truest and most simplest. What they say comes from the heart and they mean it.

      Not like adults, who can be cynical and change their circumstances and feelings to suit themselves. They often don’t tell us how things are, they tell us how they would like things to be.

  2. We do tend to over-complicate matters and that has a tendency to lose the real truth. I agree with keeping life simple and that includes truths.

    1. Thanks, yes I couldn’t agree more. I would also add that over-complicating matters will also create friction between two people and will cause unnecessary stress that we will lose sight of what needs to be done to complete the task.

      We will also fail to support the other person through added stress.

  3. Somewhere between the cradle and the rocking chair we lost our love for the simple things in life.

    But simplicity is always restored when we’re tired and not pretty enough to play those games anymore.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I agree and that if we learn to get the simple life back, it either comes at a price; too late; or for those who sell their souls it doesn’t come at all.

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