6 thoughts on “There is another way

  1. Yesterday, I was preoccupied thinking negative thoughts that pretty much consumed my entire day. I was literally imprisoned by my thoughts over one particular issue to the point of mental paralysis.

    Today, I plan to quarantine those negative thoughts and protect something of great importance; my mind.

    A timely post once again.

  2. Yes I forget this a lot of times, considering the only safe place has been in my mind. I end up a lot of times in what I call the “spin cycle” where a problem just keeps running through my head and I just can’t let it go!

    The reality is that we had to solve a lot of our own problems as children considering our parents weren’t much help. It’s no wonder I ended up dissociating at times with the amount of stress we were under at times.

    I just don’t always think that there is another way, which is a nice thought after spending so many years only doing things one way!

    1. Thanks Randy. I’ve had the “spin cycle” running through my head a few times too. In my earlier years, probably too many times to remember. I disconnected emotionally from a very early age too; sometimes it’s the only way we get to cope.

      I hope you find another way of dissociating, so that you finally get to live your life. This quote is so true. We don’t have to stay trapped.

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