Think first

Have you ever spoken first then thought about what you’ve said, then realised that what you’ve said was the wrong thing, by which time it’s too late? Try summing up the situation and think about whether what you’re about to say will offend. Make a difference instead. Put a smile on someone’s face by a kind deed or thought. Be kind.

6 Aug, 2010

8 thoughts on “Think first

  1. I agree with you. Smiling can affect people in different ways. Mostly by making them smile also. It’s hard to take back something you said that came out wrong, but making it right and explaining that you didn’t mean for it to come out that way will also help. Lisa

  2. Sometimes a smile can make some ones day. It is much easier to be around happy people than people who are down. Try and listen if a friend is having a bad day, it may help them to know someone is listening and cares.

    1. You are absolutely right Randy. It’s important to be around people who elevate you, so that you can elevate yourself. You are also right about listening, but it’s a shame that in reality, that doesn’t always happen.

  3. Smiling and having a positive energy about you really helps out in any situation. I have found it to help me and others in many circumstances. It really can make a world of difference.. and I agree that people should assess thoughts and feelings before taking certain actions.

  4. Smiling is contageous. Not everyone will smile back but most will and it’ll put a smile on your heart and make you feel good. recieving a smile can make someone’s day. I know it does mine. Lisa

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