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Whatever you were thinking of doing, do it. Even if it’s tackling something you didn’t want to, have a go. Feeling out of it, a little bit down, try to make the effort.

Perhaps try doing something active like go for a brisk walk, go and see an old friend so that you’re out of the house, do some ironing, or start something new that you’ve put off that you’ve been meaning to do, like a project or a hobby.

Not only will you begin to feel better, because being active promotes motivation, but afterwards you’ll feel so much better for pushing yourself through. If today doesn’t work, try tomorrow.

11 Jul, 2010

10 thoughts on “Thought for today

  1. Yes I agree here. Sometimes you feel so tired, but if you get up and walk around your energy sometimes will return. Exercise is good for you even if it is a small walk. Do what you can your body will thank you in the end.

  2. I completely agree with this! Being active or doing activities really does make all the difference in the world. Doing something always makes me feel rejuvenated afterwords.

  3. Hi Ilana,

    I have just had time to comment on your diary. I do agree with you, when I am active I have more energy, but when I don’t do a lot, I tend to feel sleepy and have a lack of energy. Your diary is very good and well-done.

  4. I also agree highly with your post. And I agree that if you do to much sometimes it can make you feel worse or some people it will. I do that to Ilana. If I over do it I feel worse and with the CFS whenever I feel the least bit of energy I tend to use it up fast. But you are so right about just doing it. We need a little activity in each day. Just sitting around will make us feel worse.

    1. Absolutely. We should stop just before we begin to feel tired. That way we’ll probably sleep less. I know that if I push myself too much… I have no choice but to sleep because brain fatigue has already set in.

  5. My problem is that I am so convincing in ways of talking myself out of taking a walk or exercising, I self defeat, it’s not my fault that I’m ill and can’t control myself, oh all the agony I’m poor poor me…..obviously having a little fun and getting a point across that we all have our demons to defeat that want to defeat us, so it’s us or our disease and myself I choose to fight to my last breath. Thanks

    1. I think most of us can talk ourselves out of not doing exercise, given half the chance, whatever we deal with, but unfortunately things have a way of catching up with us!

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